From fundamentals to peak performance with our Child To Champion programme.

With over sixty youth athletes under our wing,  our youth athlete development program ‘Child to Champion’ is flourishing as are the athletes themselves. Alongside this program, we run a ‘Guaranteed Speed Academy’ where we coach young sport’s people with a view to developing speed, a much needed physical quality for so many sports. We allow these young aspiring athletes the chance to avoid being underdeveloped for the demands of their sport. Each individual is taken through a long-term athlete development program via appropriate training principals and methods, ensuring that progress is monitored, and education is paramount to achieving their goals.

We work very closely with 10-18yr olds, on an individual basis and in a team setting, and the focus largely sits with improving and filling up the athletic toolbox, as we notice time and time again that many young athletes are over trained through excess sport and underdeveloped through lack of physical literacy. As these young athletes make the jump from primary to secondary school we look to further their physical progression with an emphasis on training to compete. The physical fundamentals are always present in their training but we shift the focus slightly towards physical robustness needed to perform in their chosen sport.

Strength and conditioning support offers them the chance to develop attributes needed to maximise their sporting potential:

  • Strength qualities

  • Speed

  • Change of direction/agility

  • Ongoing stability and mobility 

  • Co-ordination and rhythm 

  • Injury prevention/reduction

The CHP Youth Guaranteed Speed Academy

Alongside our Child to Champion youth development program, we run an academy dedicated to speed development. All of our 11-18yr olds play multiple sports most weeks of the year, and it’s no secret that many sports involve running, and without doubt speed plays a huge role in determining the outcome of practice and competition. Whether your child plays rugby, tennis, netball or is involved in track and field, speed is king and getting from A to B faster than your opponent generally means a podium finish. Our Guaranteed Speed Academy runs one night a week for an hour (6-7 pm) at Falmouth Sports Hub for fifty-two weeks of the year which enables all to consistently develop the necessary skills to accelerate, run at top speed and change direction. Many of us take the act of running for granted but when analysed it’s a highly complexed activity which requires detailed postures, limb movements and foot placements to name a few. Every individual learns the techniques to enhance the mechanics of running, and over time are not only able to produce more force into the floor, a key requirement in running, but are able to put that force exactly where it’s needed. The result? A far more efficient runner where performance is improved and chance of injury is reduced.

Interested? Take a look at our timetable below and book into a session that works for you