Having never been given less than a 5 star review on Facebook, here at Cornwall High Performance we pride ourselves on having happy customers. See for yourself below!

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We chose Child to Champ for our son Sam when he was aged 11- he has been going weekly to see Rob and Sam for nearly 2 years now and they have been brilliant in aiding both his physical and mental development, giving him more confidence and understanding of his body.

When we started frankly we went more in hope than expectation as he was suffering from lots of repetitive overtraining injuries which were mentally starting to get him down- the guys diagnosed the issues- worked with a physio and built a bespoke programme and educated him about how to take better care of his body. The results have been excellent – and for our Sam the key benefit has been the huge drop in the injuries that were keeping him away from his beloved sports.

He has worked hard with the guys who motivate, set challenges but do not spoon-feed the kids - they demonstrate, educate and then let them pick up the baton and run with their knowledge, guiding and watching over them at all times – gaining a true quality body education for life. Sam loves the guys, always enjoying the varied sessions - they are total professionals who truly care and go the extra yards to help and inspire- expert in their fields and frankly we are lucky to have them on our doorstep.

If you are thinking of sending your child- don’t hesitate “just do it” !
— Giles & Amanda Hewitt
The guys at Cornwall High Performance are fantastic, our two teens just love going to their sessions, quite possibly the best activity we’ve ever signed them up for! Rob & Sam’s knowledge of physical fitness is next to none, they know how to motivate and encourage the kids to obtain optimum results, all done in a very professional, safe, fun and friendly environment. These sessions are an essential element in our children’s sport and fitness, supporting and helping them achieve their goals in a healthy way. We would absolutely recommend them!
— Heidi Fabby

Highly recommend these guys very friendly and professional. My 14 year old girl rides motorcycle trials at British championship level and the training extremely helpful for strength and endurance but most of all she finds it fun.
— Simon James

My son started getting overuse injuries so we looked at the training provided by Rob and Sam. They have been brilliant with him. Identified his weaknesses straight away, tailored a strengthening programme and gave him the confidence to get stronger, and perform better in his favourite sports. He’s enjoying it and feels nurtured and supported. After watching them work with him I decided to follow a similar strengthening programme with them. The results are quick and addictive! These guys know what they’re doing and are definitely helping kids get stronger, faster and more injury resistant. Can’t recommend them enough.
— Esther Hocking

Choosing Sam and Rob to help me get back on track after having an accident which sent my back out for 3 years was the best decision I made! These two didn’t just get rid of my back pain but they improved my confidence and made me feel like a friend when training. These two have helped me out more than they realise, I would recommend these two to anyone!
— Luke Steptoe

Been with CHP since March 2015 aka Mr Rob n Mr Sam - what can I say......The proof is in the magic numbers - I’ve dropped 5% body fat and will decrease further because they have not just taught me how to train, they have facilitated a change in thinking and behaviour by helping me to really understand the importance of nutrition. RAMP ups are fun and help prevent injury with good prep for the individual plan you will be given based on your body movement and ability. They encourage you to maximise your own potential while assisting you to your goals. Further proof is feeling tangible benefits in your strength and just feeling stronger. Added with significant improvements in your range of movements and the positions you need to create. I’ve done one to one PT, a group course outdoors and on my 2nd Game Changer course and will continue training with them. There’s a lot of PTs out there, and I’ve tried a few but in summary I am fitter, stronger with changes I can see and feel so its CHP all the way for me. Plus in my opinion they are value for money.
— Ginnene Vanessa Algar

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Upon our election, myself and the captain of the university rugby team here in Falmouth recognised a shortage in the team’s strength and conditioning work, something that we were desperate to amend. We immediately went straight to CHP to discuss the goals that we wanted to achieve in the time-frame that we had. As a club we’ve been working with CHP on a weekly basis and the results are clear to see both on a personal and squad-wide level. With CHP behind us, they’ve given us a HUGE helping hand in getting us prepared to challenge for our varsity match, in what would be a first win in the last 6 years, watch this space...
— Matthew Helfet

Finding CHP for my active teenage son has been fantastic. He is so enthusiastic to develop within the programme and is thriving on the feedback and individual attention given to him by Rob and Sam.
— Catherine Ralph

For anyone serious about starting, improving or excelling at their chosen sport or general strength and conditioning levels. Knowledgeable, passionate and professional.
— Richard Sadler, PGA Professional Golfer

Highly recommend Rob & Sam these 2 guys has helped my son Daniel get into the U13,s west Cornwall football squad. Thank you guys!!
— Louise Whiteway

Having trained with Rob for 18 months now, I can honestly say that his training regime is perfectly tailored to my needs, sustainable and amazingly effective; it is not a crash plan for a quick result, it’s been a holistic approach to achieving targets, the end result and overall well-being. He provides an achievable work-out/training plan, nutritional advice and treatment when needed. Rob’s training comes with exactly the right mix of support and motivation I need and the soft tissue treatment for the little aches and pains is just the icing on the cake. I trust his expertise completely and if he says: ‘Lift’ all I will ever ask is: ‘How much?’ :)
— Bea Galke

Rob & Sam are great. In the past I have done weights & always get injured with there attention to detail I am lifting more & injury free. If you are serious about your sport get them involved.
— Matt Pullen

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Our daughter has thrived with Rob and Sam at Cornwall High Performance over the last few months. She has certainly stepped up a level and has fast become a more polished and well rounded athlete. In her martial arts she is now more powerful when launching kicks and punches, and her increased power endurance has undoubtedly led to competition medals. There is a noticeable improvement in all her sports, her performance is more consistent, her fitness and her sprint speed has improved too. The sessions are definitely delivering tangible results - speed, power, stamina, technique. She is confident she wouldn’t have been able to achieve and sustain that level of power and fitness without strength and conditioning coaching. The guys have helped her become a more agile and confident athlete. Thanks both!
— Vanessa Matthews

These guys are brilliant! They teach the kids everything they need to know and much more besides. Everything is executed in a professional, passionate yet fun way. Harrison loves training with like other minded individuals that are as dedicated and driven as he is. A rare find ! If your debating whether or not to join just do it I’d highly recommend you do. You want the best for your child this is the place come.
Thanks for all your hard work Sam and Rob we are so pleased we found you !!!
— Frances E Woods

Sam’s helped me for over a couple years and with his programmes I gained strength, changed body shape, and felt so much healthier.
I then took part in the first Gamechanger, with both Sam and Rob. With their knowledge and motivation they pushed me to get new PBs, made me realise how important the right nutrition is, and even got me doing MAS training! I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before. I would definitely recommend them, they’ve both helped me loads. Thanks guys!
— Zelah Hunt

Great programmes tailored to personal needs. PTs/Coaches are friendly and allow a positive rapport to be developed. Great teamwork vibe amongst gym goers. Lots of potential to be gained from Cornwall High Pererformance. Looking forward to many more months training with the team.

I have been training and competing in the sport athletics for 11/12 years and counting, starting with sprints and jumps, with more recently refining it to just Long and Triple for now.

I had been doing strength and conditioning a few years before attending uni, so knew the basics. However, joining the CHP PT training team (Sam Guy as my PT) I really felt an improvement in all aspects. Showing a real honest understanding of what I was wanting to achieve, Sam quickly jumped (excuse the pun) to the mark and set a well tailored training schedule, focusing mainly on plyo’ and strength with a little cardio’ thrown in.

I have recently been moved into a smallish group where individual training is still able, but with a group atmosphere the encouragement and technique advice given by all when suitable.

Thank you all for what you have done so far and I look forward to many more sessions of potential proving, hard work and fun getting to know the dedicated individuals who are on the CHP team.
— Morgan Gascoigne

It’s not often I write reviews...but CHP deserves to be praised for the HUGE difference they have made, not only to my son’s strength, speed & power, but for the full set of tools they have equipped him with to enhance his performance. Rob & Sam are masters at what they do, they are knowledgeable, professional and every member of CHP receives an outstanding service. Ultimately, the proof is in the results - my son’s performance has gone from strength to strength. On a monthly basis he is smashing his PBs, it is truly a child to champion course! Highly Recommended - give it a try....nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
— Mina Zamparelli

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Always on the ball with what he knows! Sam has been my personal trainer over 2 years now, and I have had great results with his help.
— Martin Aldred

Rob’s helping cure old injury’s and strengthen weak areas. Feeling the benefits after 4 weeks!
— Fergus Muller

Not sure where to start really....Sam is an amazing Personal Trainer. His enthusiasm, knowledge and drive to see you succeed in your goals is second to none. Sam totally changed my workouts , which to be perfectly honest had been the same for years, and he got me to do things that I would have never tried before...for example Olympic lifting....The results that I’ve seen from these changes have blown me away! I cannot recommend Sam enough! Thank you , thank you, thank you!
— Sue Stuart Was Kilvert