Cornwall High Performance are actively engaged in supporting and learning from key governing bodies within our professional network.


The UKSCA is the professional standard in this country with regards to strength and conditioning and as an accredited company we are proud to represent this highly respected governing body.

Procare Sports Medicine

We have an active referral system with Procare Sports Medicine, a local organisation that specialises in the treatment of athletes that experience injury. We share a similar approach to athletic development with a thirst for academic research allowing an in the trenches coach led practice to thrive.


We currently have an ongoing contract and partnership with the NHS providing health related activities and education to adult mental health patients.


The English Institute of Sport

We have worked with the English Institute of Sport, delivering physical preparation for athletes located outside of their demographic.  

We also work closely with a local Neurological Physiotherapist rehabilitating individuals affected by brain and spinal injuries.

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