Here at Cornwall High Performance we aim to support athletes across all sports by offering and providing them with essential athletic development.

Our knowledge and practical coaching skills allow us to operate with athletes of all ages, skill levels, and varying backgrounds and therefore provide them with game changing development which in turn allows them to maximise their potential.

Our CHP coaches are here to give you or your team the physical preparation that can bring success.

Meet The Coaches

Behind Cornwall High Performance are coaches Sam Guy and Rob Smaldon. Both are passionate about taking Cornwall’s athletes forward with regards to sports performance, general health,  and injury prevention. CHP is an accredited company with the UKSCA and actively seeks out the very best ongoing personal development with well-respected and recognised governing bodies.

Their coaching membership networks allow them to consistently share relevant information and research to aid their coaching practise.

Sam and Rob currently work with over one hundred people at CHP, from a team and individual aspect, across elite and non-elite sport and are always looking to narrow the gap between both.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cornwall High Performance is to provide all aspiring athletes at any level, background, and age the opportunity to access the highest quality of physical development, so performance peaks can be reached.

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If you or your child want to get started on an athletic journey with Cornwall High Performance or have any additional questions: