Athletic Development

Youth through to adult populations, teams and individuals.

Here at Cornwall High Performance we aim to support athletes across all sports by offering and providing them with essential athletic development.

Our knowledge and practical coaching skills allow us to operate with athletes of all ages, skill levels, and varying backgrounds and therefore provide them with game changing development which in turn allows them to maximise their potential.

Our CHP coaches are here to give you or your team the physical preparation that can bring success.


Youth Athlete Development

From fundamentals to High performance on our Child to Champion program.

With over sixty youth athletes under our wing, our youth athlete development program ‘Child to Champion’ is flourishing as are the athletes themselves. Alongside this program we run a ‘Guaranteed Speed Academy’ where we coach young sport’s people with a view to developing speed, a much needed physical quality for so many sports.



Meet The Team

Behind Cornwall High Performance are coaches Sam Guy and Rob Smaldon. Both are passionate about taking Cornwall’s athletes forward with regards to sports performance, general health, and injury prevention. CHP is an accredited company with the UKSCA and actively seeks out the very best ongoing personal development with well-respected and recognised governing bodies.

Adult Athlete Development

High Performance Competition. Training to win.

Our adult athlete service sees us work with University and semi pro teams, as well as County, Regional and Olympic standard individuals.  Movement literacy is reinforced here much like our youths, but the emphasis shifts towards training to win.

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Governing Bodies/ Partnerships

Cornwall High Performance are actively engaged in supporting and learning from key governing bodies within our professional network. Not only do we work with sporting bodies, but also have a contract with the NHS and work closely with other health organisations.


Why Youth Athletic Development Is Important

 In years gone by strength training has been regarded by many as an unsafe activity for youth populations, with badly designed and misunderstood data and research stemming from the ‘60’s and 70’s largely to blame. However, more recent findings support the use of resistance training methods to support the youth athlete during a potentially difficult time physically - through their adolescent years when peak height and peak weight velocity (maturation) can play havoc with movement capability.

A sound program like ‘Child to Champion’ allows children to access quality training built round evidence based sound principles, with qualified practitioners in a completely safe and appropriate environment. All athletes then have an opportunity build themselves into robust, resilient individuals who can cope with the high demands of their sport and life with a much-reduced chance of injury.